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Community Guidelines

We want examinatr to stay genuine and secure for everyone to find inspiration and express themselves. Let’s work together to nurture this authentic community. Share only your own real reviews, photos and videos, and always abide by the law. Treat everyone with respect, avoid spamming, and refrain from posting nudity.

Authenticity is our cornerstone. We’re committed to building trust by only allowing real customers, real people, and real content. Here are the principles we stand by to cement our reputation as the premier destination for informed decisions. Please note that examinatr reserves the right to update these Community Guidelines on our website.

Our primary commitment is to ensure “real” & publish all reviews on examinatr. We understand that differences of opinion can arise between brands and consumers. Upholding our mission, we ensure that all reviews deserve a place on examinatr, maintaining impartiality in reviewer-brand disputes.


We nurture a worldwide network of curious shoppers, foodies, lifestyle enthusiasts who actively participate in insightful conversations. Our adherence to rigorous criteria ensures that we only welcome real customers, real people, and real content. This dedication spans across the brands, restaurants, local experiences showcased on our platform and each and every user. At our core, we prioritize authenticity and trust as the bedrock of our foundation.

we are examinatr

Real Customers

We are striving to validate every purchase, visit through various processes. Everyone on our platform should be a real customer.

Real Content

Real, authentic content, sticking to real-life scenarios and experiences. We say no to strict brand guidelines.

Real People

Our commitment stands to individually vet our users, ensuring real customers who create real content.

Non Curated

Reviews are not selectively chosen or manipulated. We ensure that all reviews are published, with the exception of those that do not follow our established community guidelines.

we are not examinatr


We do not permit users who interact with our community with the only goal to leave negative reviews or promote third-party products, and we reserve the right to remove such content immediately.


We will not stand for racism, sexism, classism, or any other type of harassment or discrimination under any circumstances.


Any form of explicit content and imagery will not be tolerated under any circumstances.